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Understanding Tines pricing plans
Understanding Tines pricing plans

How to navigate Tines pricing and packaging between our community edition and paid plans.

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Tines product packages are tiered based on the needs of businesses. It relates to the complexity of your initiatives or organization structure.

Please note: In March 2023, we introduced an update to our pricing model for new customers. This pricing model, while available to existing customers, has not been rolled out to all Tines accounts. Please contact your Tines account manager for details about your contracted plan.

Two pricing tiers in Tines

At Tines we believe in simplicity, and our pricing model reflects that. We offer our always free community edition and our paid edition.

Community Edition

Our community edition is a playground for potential customers or tech enthusiasts to experiment with Tines. It's great for getting started with Tines and demonstrating the value internally before committing to a contract. This is a fixed package – for any additional features or capacity, you must upgrade to a paid plan.

Paid plans

Paid plans include additional features and capacity to allow customers the freedom to build. Within our paid plans we introduced feature tiering based on the needs for an account.

Building on the community edition features, paid plans unlock business features such as:

Our paid plans are priced by a platform fee + add-on bundles.

Platform fee + add-on

Breaking down the Tines paid pricing model

What is the platform fee?

The platform fee is a flat rate for the platform, a fixed set of features, and starting limits for teams and stories (also known as, workflows).

The platform fee includes:


Community Edition

Paid Plans








500 story runs daily

Parallel processing

Workflow Management

Action templates

Group actions

Forms / pages


Monitoring & notifications



Send to story

Smart retries

Story library




Multi-player mode







Audit logs

* Records are included on our growth plan or higher. If your plan does not include records, you can add it by purchasing our cases add-on.

What are add-ons?

Add-ons expand the capacity for your platform fee. The options available include:




Cases are a collaborative way to iterate and improve upon stories directly within Tines. Cases are available as an add-on to any customer.


A story is a workflow in Tines. All plans include a generous starting story limit to give you the freedom to build. If you get close to your story limit, you can extend it in bundles as needed.

A story counts towards your limit once it is shared to a team. Personal drafts are the only stories that do not count towards your limit.


A segmented group of workflows, credentials, resources, and builders. Teams are a great way to organize and manage access to your workflows (stories) in Tines. By default, all plans include 1 team.


Additional secure gateways between your private networks and Tines tenant.


Dedicated instances of the Tines platform to segment entire audiences. Additional tenants are useful when you want to completely isolate your workflows from each other.

AI Credits

Build on your included AI execution credits for expanded bandwidth.

Interested in upgrading your plan? Reach out to our team and we'll help you find the right package for your business.

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