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CrowdStrike Authentication Guide

How to authenticate CrowdStrike for use with Tines

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CrowdStrike is a global cybersecurity leader with an advanced cloud-native platform for protecting endpoints, cloud workloads, identities, and data. Here's our guide for integrating with CrowdStrike.

First, create a CrowdStrike API client:

  1. In your CrowdStrike account, visit "Support and Resources" and click "API Clients and Keys"

  2. Next, select "Create API Client"

  3. Enter details about the API Client and select the relevant scopes, then click "Create"

  4. Copy the API "Client ID", "Secret", and "Base URL"

Then, create a CrowdStrike credential in Tines

CrowdStrike connect flow (recommended):

  1. Login to your Tines tenant

  2. Navigate to the team using the CrowdStrike API and click "Credentials"

  3. Click "+ New Credential" and select "Crowdstrike" from the menu

  4. Input the values for the CrowdStrike credential:

    1. Client ID: Your Client ID

    2. Client Secret: Your Secret

    3. Base URL: Your Base URL

  5. Click "Connect"

Read about our connect flows here.

For more on creating credentials in Tines, click here.
You can find a selection of CrowdStrike stories in the Tines story library.

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