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Cisco Umbrella Authentication Guide
Cisco Umbrella Authentication Guide

How to authenticate Cisco Umbrella for use with Tines

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Cisco Umbrella is cloud-delivered enterprise network security that provides users with a first line of defense against cybersecurity threats. Here's our guide for authenticating Cusco Umbrella for use with Tines:

First, get your Cisco Umbrella API Key

  1. Login to your Cisco Umbrella account. New users can "Sign-up" for a Cisco Umbrella account if they do not already have one.

  2. From the sidebar, click "Admin" and then "API Keys"

  3. From the top right-hand corner, click "Add"

  4. Fill in the required fields, click "Create Key" and then copy the API key and the Key Secret

Lastly, create a Cisco Umbrella credential in Tines

  1. Login to your Tines tenant

  2. Navigate to the team that will be using the API and click "Credential"

  3. Click "+ New Credential" and select "HTTP Request"

  4. Input the values for the Cisco Umbrella credential

    1. Name: Required

    2. Description: Optional

    3. Content Type: Custom: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

    4. Method: post

    5. Payload: grant_type : client_credentials

    6. Headers: Not required. Remove this by selecting "-"

    7. Option: Select "Basic Auth"

      1. Add the API key in the username fields

      2. Add the Key Secret to the password field

    8. Run Options: Click "Run Options" and verify that the body contains an access token, as shown below.

    9. Double-click on "access_token" to copy the access_token path. Do not click on the value.

    10. Location of token from response: Paste that value as a pill into the "Location of token response" field and set the

    11. TTL: Set to 3500

  5. Optional

    1. Domains: Ensure that this credential can only be used when making HTTP requests to specific domains

    2. Access: What other teams can also use the credential

For more on creating credentials in Tines, click here.

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