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Cylance Authentication Guide

How to authenticate Cylance for use with Tines

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Cylance was a pioneer in cybersecurity AI, replacing legacy antivirus software with preventative solutions and services that protect the endpoints—and businesses. While other security providers claim to use AI in their products, they fall short of the full promise of AI to prevent future cyberattacks.

First, get your Cylance application details

  1. Log into your Cylance console as an Administrator

  2. Select "Settings" and click "Integrations"

  3. Click "Add application"

  4. Name the application "Tines"

  5. Provide the access privileges for the actions you want to be able to take in Tines:

    - device:list 
    - threat:read
    - threat:devicelist

  6. Click "Save" and copy the "Application ID" and "Application secret".

Next, create a Cylance credential in Tines

  1. Login to your Tines tenant

  2. Navigate to the team that will be using the API and click "Credential"

  3. Click "+ New Credential" and select "JWT"

  4. Input the values for the credential

    1. Name: Required

    2. Description: Optional

    3. Algorithm: HS256

    4. Payload:

      1. iss: Represents the principal issuing the token, which is

      2. jti: Unique ID for the token, which can be used to prevent reply attacks. This can be a random string

      3. sub - Principal subject to the claim, which would hold your Cylance "Application ID".

      4. exp: <<DATE(\\"now\\", \\"%s\\") |> PLUS(%, 1800)>>

      5. iat: <<DATE(\\"now\\", \\"%s\\")>>

    5. HMAC Secret: "Application Secret" copied earlier

Important Note: Do not choose the option to automatically generate these values in Tines. Use the DATE() formula to generate both exp and iat.

Using the credential in an action

Exchange the JWT credential for a Cylance access token using the Auth Token action below as the first step in your story:

{"standardLibVersion":"28","actionRuntimeVersion":"4","agents":[{"disabled":false,"name":"Auth Token","description":null,"options":"{\"url\":\"\",\"method\":\"post\",\"payload\":{\"auth_token\":\"<<CREDENTIAL.cylance>>\"},\"content_type\":\"json\"}","position":{"x":375,"y":240},"type":"httpRequest","timeSavedUnit":"minutes","timeSavedValue":0,"monitorAllEvents":false,"monitorFailures":false,"monitorNoEventsEmitted":null,"recordType":null,"recordWriters":[],"form":null,"cardIconName":null,"createdFromTemplateGuid":null,"createdFromTemplateVersion":null}],"links":[],"diagramNotes":[]}

For more on creating credentials in Tines, click here.

You can find a selection of Cylance stories in the story library.

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