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With the Zoom integration for Tines, you can easily connect to your Zoom account, and read and write to it from your stories in Tines.

Adding the integration

Use this link to access a demonstration story that connects to Zoom: https://go.tines.xyz/zoom. This link works whether or not you’re a current Tines user – if needs be, it’ll set up your free account first.


Our Zoom integration allows you to easily set up a Zoom-specific credential. With this set up, you can easily interact with the Zoom API in your Tines stories. For example, you could list or manage your meetings.

Removing the integration

Deleting the credential in Tines will immediately sever the connection to Zoom and prevent requests from succeeding.

Additionally, you can deauthorize the integration in Zoom by:

  1. Logging in to your Zoom account

  2. Navigating to the Zoom App Marketplace

  3. Clicking Manage > Added Apps

  4. Selecting the Tines app

  5. Clicking Remove

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