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How do I reference upstream data in Tines?
How do I reference upstream data in Tines?

3 minute video showing how we use pills to reference upstream data in Tines.

Updated over a week ago

If you want reference data from an upstream action in a downstream action, Rosie from the product team explains it in the video below:

Steps for referencing upstream data in Tines:

  1. Make sure the actions are connected together in the story. They don't need to be connected directly together, but connected via other actions.

  2. To reference upstream data, you need to create a pill in the downstream action. There are three ways to create pills:

    1. Hovering over the event data key and clicking the copy symbol, then pasting it into the payload

    2. Double-clicking the event data key to copy the path, then pasting it into the payload

    3. Select the payload with your cursor and a + will appear. Click +, select value, and manually parse the JSON path to the relevant event key

  3. If you need to reference multiple data points from upstream as different keys, click the + sign in the payload to add more pills. You can reference a number, boolean, text, and formulas, amongst other data types.

  4. Pills are meant for dynamic references, linking actions together for a smooth workflow. If you want to input data directly without referencing anything upstream, you don't need to use pills. You can type numbers, boolean values, or text directly into Tines, which will be automatically referenced.

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