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How do I turn on or off the AI-powered features?
How do I turn on or off the AI-powered features?

This outlines the steps to turn off AI tenant-wide and allocate AI Action credits.

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We believe the AI-powered features are extremely powerful in improving your overall efficiency as builders and problem solvers. While we hold firm on that belief, we also understand that your company might have policies or processes for opting into AI features.

To allow for this, the tenant owner can turn off or on the AI powered features tenant-wide. They can also allocate AI Action credits to different teams in their tenant to manage their usage.

Turn on or off

Follow these steps to turn on all AI-powered features:

  1. Go to account settings drop down in the top left of your screen

  2. Choose AI Settings

  3. Check the box to turn AI on; uncheck it to turn AI off

Automatic mode in the Event Transform Action

Automatic mode in the event transform action is available to all plans and does not require credits or team allocation. After turning it on, it's available to all teams in your tenant.

Distributing credits for the AI action

The AI action requires you to distribute credits in addition to turning the feature on. To allocate credits to one or multiple teams, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the AI settings screen

  2. Check the box next to the team(s) who should have credits

  3. Specify the credit volume for each team

  4. Click 'Save distributions'

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