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Custom certificate authority
Custom certificate authority

Setup a custom CA in Tines

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What is a certificate authority (CA)?

CA is a trusted entity that issues Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates. This is a common security practice that establishes trust and verify information between systems communicating over the internet.

Configuring a custom certificate authority in Tines

Here's how to configure your CA to use across all IMAP and HTTP Request Actions in Tines:

  1. Open your Tines tenant

  2. Click the URL bar and input the following at the end of the URL /admin/custom_ca
    It will look like:

  3. Enter the PEM encoded X.509 public certificate (or certificate chain) for your custom certificate authority

  4. Click Save

Your custom certificate authority will then be used in addition to the standard public certificate authorities when validating the certificates of the IMAP and HTTP endpoints your Actions are contacting.

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