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User administration in Tines
User administration in Tines

How to manage users in Tines

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If you're a tenant owner, you can invite and manage additional uses for your tenant. There are two levels of user access: user and tenant owner.

In addition to tenant-level access, tenant owners can provision more granular access at the team level. Users must be added to a team in order for them to collaborate on Stories with other users. Learn about teams and permissions in our article here.

About tenant owners

Tenant owners have ultimate authority over the tenant. This includes:

  • Provisioning user access

  • Removing users from a tenant

  • Deleting queued or retrying jobs

  • Pushing changes to live in change control

  • Manage object sharing permissions

User Management

To manage users, follow these steps.

  1. View a user. From the menu beside your username, select "Manage users" (https://<tenant-domain>/admin/users). This opens a window with a list of users, their current status, tenant role, and last active time.

  2. Edit a user. Click "Edit user" from the "Actions" dropdown menu to edit a user's profile.

  3. Invite a user. Click "New user" from the window and input the users' information. Click "Save" and an invite email will send with instructions on how to complete their registration.

Activity

Tines retains 30 days of sign-in activity for each user. When a user signs in, Tines will record metadata such as Timestamp, IP address, and the user-agent associated with the sign-in. These events are made available for download in CSV format.

Visit the Teams page for more information on team user roles.

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