What are stories in Tines?

An overview of stories in Tines

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Stories are a collection of interconnected actions working towards a singular goal. Think of them like automated use-cases, or playbooks. For example, you might have a Phishing story, an infected endpoint story, or an employee onboarding story.

To begin your first story, simply drag an actions or a template onto your storyboard and connect them like this:

You can also create your first story by importing one from our Story Library from right inside Tines, like this:

Another way to get started with stories is with the default stories available to you when you first create your Tines tenant:

  • The Simple Story: A short story that demonstrates how actions and events interact to automate workflows.

  • Simple Story - VPN Notification: This story demonstrates how automated threat detection and response can be performed on corporate VPN connections.

  • Analyze URL in URLScan: This story demonstrates how Tines actions can be used to analyze suspicious URLs.

So you can better understand what a completed story might look like, here is an example of a story designed to automate threat detection and response of corporate VPN connections:

When you start creating a new story, it is unpublished by default. An unpublished story is similar to a draft. It will be restricted in that it will only run while you're working on it. Unpublished stories do not count toward your stories quota.

👉 For more detailed docs on how stories work, see here.

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