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What is AI in Tines?
What is AI in Tines?

This article explains what all is powered by AI in Tines.

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All AI features in Tines are powered by secure access to tenant-scoped large language models (LLMs). There are two core features behind AI in Tines.

AI Action

Directly access the LLM at any point in your workflow, with the AI action – one of our 8 core actions. Perfect for summarizing, analyzing, extracting, and making decisions based on data.

Automatic mode in Event Transform

Author data transformations with all the power of code, without the need to read or write it. Simply provide your input and describe the output you need in plain English. Once you approve the behavior suggested by AI, it’s locked into the workflow for consistent execution. Perfect for processing complex, gnarly data structures. Great for deterministic behavior.

Get inspired

As a good rule of thumb, we recommend automatic mode for anything that Python can do well and the AI Action for everything else. Below are some examples for each feature.

AI Action

  • Summarize an alert or a case

  • Suggest next steps to an analyst

  • Explain in plain English

  • Make a decision to direct automation

  • Translate between different languages

  • Build secure AI apps with pages

Automatic mode

  • Process/convert any data structure

  • Statistically analyze event data

  • Map an incoming alert to a record schema

  • Convert between file formats

  • Perform advanced cryptography

  • Add a watermark to an image

Continue learning about these actions

Please note: these features aren't supported on self-hosted tenants today.

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