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Is Tines the right product for me?
Is Tines the right product for me?

Not sure if Tines is the right product for you? Here is a brief description of the product so you can understand Tines at a high level.

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We built Tines because we were frustrated by the lack of flexibility, complexity, and brittleness of other automation platforms. In contrast, Tines is flexible, lightweight, robust, and easy to use.

The world's leading security and operations teams now trust Tines to automate their essential workflows, making them more effective and efficient. With Tines, you can build automation stories to perform almost any manual task, from onboarding employees to escalating security alerts –and everything in between. Tines is no-code, giving your frontline team members automation superpowers.

Here’s a quick look at the product

At the heart of everything we do is the principle that any manual process, whether related to security, HR, operations, or another IT team, can be broken down and automated using seven action types.

The seven Action types we use are:

  1. HTTP request

  2. Webhook

  3. Send email

  4. Receive email

  5. Event transformation

  6. Trigger

  7. Send-to-story (nested workflows)

These power every process, regardless of complexity. And, even if you're new to automation, you can learn how to use them all before lunch.

We’re proud to say that if it has an API, Tines can connect to it. So, from mainstream solutions to niche and internal tools, Tines connects with your entire stack. No waiting for custom integrations: just the tools you already use, working together like never before.

Hopefully, this gives you a basic understanding of what Tines is and can do. You might have realized by now the product is extremely powerful, and the possibilities are endless. But if you have any more questions, contact us using the messenger inside the product - we'd be delighted to chat!

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