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Your first visit to Tines
Your first visit to Tines

First time using Tines? We've got you covered. Here is a quick guide to cover the Tines basics.

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In this article, we’ll guide you through your very first visit to Tines.

First, on the left, you have your actions. These are the building blocks of all automation in Tines. Using any combination of these seven action types, you can arrange the tasks or steps for any process you automate. The seven types are: webhook, HTTP request, receive email, send email, trigger, event transformation, and send to Story.

And, if you aren’t sure where to start, you can drag on one of these pre-configured actions from our action templates, here:

For example: if you wanted to automatically post a Slack message to your team every time a user makes a request, search the templates for posting a message into a Slack channel and drag the pre-formatted Action onto your storyboard and connect it to the preceding action, configure it, and that's it.

The area in the center is your storyboard. This is where you’ll build your story by dragging on actions and connecting them to other actions.

Simply put, stories are a series of connected actions.

And a story runs when an event passes data between actions. An event is the output of an executed action.

If you're looking for inspiration, consider building one of these stories:

  • request a list of users in a system

  • check to see if a URL is malicious

  • send some kind of notification (like email) when something specific happens

Lastly, this right-hand side panel is called the build panel. As you drag an action onto the storyboard, it changes to reflect what configuration options we have available for that action. For every action, we can give it a name and description and then set the rules by which it makes decisions.

If you are looking for some inspiration to get your first story going, check out the Tines story library right here.

You’ll see how other stories have been built. And, you can easily import them into your tenant to get going... like this:

Start building right now –and if you get stuck, chat with us using the messenger inside the product… we’re always here to help.

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