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Orca Security Authentication Guide
Orca Security Authentication Guide

How to authenticate Orca Security for use with Tines

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First, create a Orca Security API token

  1. Log into your Orca Security dashboard

  2. Navigate to Settings > Users & Permissions > API

  3. Click "Create API Token"

  4. Give the API token a name and description, set the expiration, whether it's a service token, the role assigned and the scope of the token

  5. Click "Create Token"

  6. Copy the token and click "Continue"

Lastly, create a Orca Security credential in Tines

  1. Login to your Tines tenant

  2. Navigate to the team that will be using the API and click "Credential"

  3. Click "+ New Credential" and select "Text"

  4. Input the values for the Orca Security credential

    1. Name: Required

    2. Description: Optional

    3. Value: API Key

  5. Optional

    1. Domains: Ensure that this credential can only be used when making HTTP requests to specific domains

    2. Access: What other teams can also use the credential

  6. Click "Save"

For more on creating credentials in Tines, click here.

You can find a selection of Orca Security stories in the story library

Using the credential in an action

The Header configuration for Orca Security should be constructed like the below:

"Authorization": "Token <<CREDENTIAL.orca_security>>"

An example action you can copy and paste onto your storyboard:

{"standardLibVersion":"32","actionRuntimeVersion":"4","agents":[{"disabled":false,"name":"Get Alert State in Orca Security","description":"Get Alert State in Orca Security","options":"{\"url\":\"<<alert_id>>/state\",\"content_type\":\"application_json\",\"method\":\"get\",\"headers\":{\"Authorization\":\"Token <<CREDENTIAL.orca_security>>\"}}","position":{"x":450,"y":1995},"type":"httpRequest","timeSavedUnit":"minutes","timeSavedValue":0,"monitorAllEvents":false,"monitorFailures":false,"monitorNoEventsEmitted":null,"recordType":null,"recordWriters":[],"form":null,"cardIconName":"httpRequest","createdFromTemplateGuid":"92414ef4f39fc429f329bf7377000a16cee52c7064bf53b0e6f5166ce13c86ff","createdFromTemplateVersion":null,"originStoryIdentifier":"cloud:aa47f8215c6f30a0dcdb2a36a9f4168e:d4c15df0f02ba4789095426607003199"}],"links":[],"diagramNotes":[]}
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