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How to integrate Slack event subscriptions into your Tines story
How to integrate Slack event subscriptions into your Tines story

Integrate incoming Slack events into your story using a Tines webhook.

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Using a Tines webhook, you can kick off your story by monitoring for relevant Slack events with Slack's Event Subscriptions app setting.

Tines manual reference

Before getting started, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the surrounding functionality this article covers:

Make it happen

  1. Within your Slack app configuration, navigate to Features β†’ Event Subscriptions:

  2. Toggle on Enable Events:

  3. Within Tines, drag a Webhook action onto your storyboard.

  4. Within the Webhook action, click the + Option button.

  5. Add Response and Response Code.

  6. For Response: Set this in a pill: body.challenge

  7. For Response Code: Set to 200

  8. Within the Webhook action, copy the Webhook URL.

  9. Back in the Event Subscriptions page of your Slack app, paste the Webhook URL into the Request URL box.

Review the results

Slack will send a url_verification call to the associated webhook within Tines:

Tines will send the challenge value in the webhook's response back to your Slack app:

Thus, verifying the connection:

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