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What are pages in Tines?

Connect pages and actions to build apps using Tines

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Pages made in Tines are web pages connected to your stories that your end users can provide input to (and view output from) your workflows. You can use pages to do things like:

  • Kick off a workflow with user input in forms

  • Get detailed human input mid-way through a Story run

  • Build requester/approver flows for internal tools, with great UX

By combining flows of multiple pages and actions together, you can even build end-to-end apps with Tines.

Page collections

Page collections create a single view of multiple apps for your team.

You can create a page collection from directly in your storyboard:

  1. Click the page you’d like to add to a collection

  2. Via the build pane, choose “+” next to Collections

  3. Choose from an existing collection or create a new one

Your collection will then show in the collections section of the menu.

More about pages and page collections here

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