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Tines API 504 status error: "Net::ReadTimeout with #<TCPSocket:(closed)>"
Tines API 504 status error: "Net::ReadTimeout with #<TCPSocket:(closed)>"
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When you create an API workflow in Tines, you may run into the following error: "connection_error": "Net::ReadTimeout with #<TCPSocket:(closed)>". This article covers common causes and solutions to this behavior.

504 Status Error: Cause and solution

Cause One: "Enable webhook API responses" is not configured properly

If your story's "Enable webhook API responses" setting is not enabled or configured correctly, this error can occur.

🟢 Solution:

  • Turn on "Enable webhook API responses" in your story configuration:

  • Configure entry and exit actions for your webhook API responses:

Cause Two: The HTTP request timed out

The 504 status error can occur when the HTTP request times out before it is completed.

🟢 Solution: Increase the "Timeout" setting of your HTTP action (default is 30 seconds):

504 Status Error: Troubleshooting checklist

☑️ Confirm "Enable webhook API responses" is enabled for your story (see Cause One).

☑️ Confirm Entry and Exit actions are configured in your "Enable webhook API responses" setting. (see Cause One).

☑️ Configure timeout settings in your HTTP Request action (see Cause Two).

Need further assistance?

Have questions or still seeing the error after working through the sections above? We are happy to help!

⬇️ Contact Tines Support with the information below, when available:

ℹ️ General Information:

  • Describe the behavior in detail, including steps to replicate (we recommend providing this information via a screen prerecording).

  • Date and time of the reported behavior.

ℹ️ Story Details:

  • Impacted Story's URL (include all URLs if there are multiple stories impacted).

  • Impacted Action's ID (include all IDs if there are multiple actions impacted).

  • The action configuration(s):

    • You can copy + paste actions into a code block; this will provide the configuration of the action(s) in a JSON format so that Tines Support can use it into our test environments.

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