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HTTP Request Action 401 Status Code
HTTP Request Action 401 Status Code

Troubleshoot the common API 401 status code in Tines.

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When working with APIs, a 401 status code is common throughout all platforms. While the messaging may slightly differ between integrations, this typically indicates an issue with authentication.

Tines Tip: For help with setting up integration credentials in Tines, take a look at our authentication guides or our built-in connect flows.

401 Status Code: Cause and solution

Cause One: The credential does not have the proper permissions

One of the most common reasons as to why an API call might return a 401 status code is due to the credential in-use does not have the permissions necessary to execute it.

🟢 Solution: Check your integration's documentation to ensure that your credential is set up correctly and is active.

Cause Two: The credential is not formatted correctly

While the permissions of your credential may be correct, if it is incorrectly referenced within your HTTP Request action, a 401 status code can still occur.

🟢 Solution: Check your integration's documentation to ensure that you are correctly referencing the credential within your API request. Two common examples are:

  1. Authorization Bearer Header:

  2. Basic Auth:

Cause Three: The API method used is incorrect

Some credential permissions only allow for certain API methods.

🟢 Solution: Check your integration's documentation that the credential in-use can execute the API method you are attempting to call. Tines supports the following API methods: DELETE, GET, PATCH, POST, PUT.

401 Status Code: Troubleshooting checklist

☑️ Confirm the credential used has the proper permissions and is not expired.

☑️ Confirm the credential used is formatted as needed for the API call in-use.

☑️ Confirm you are using a credential appropriate for the API method you are calling.

☑️ Confirm you are able to run the API successfully outside of Tines (for example, in an API platform like Postman or through a cURL command).

Need further assistance?

Have questions or still seeing the error after working through the sections above? We are happy to help!

⬇️ Contact Tines Support with the information below, when available:

ℹ️ General Information:

  • Describe the behavior in detail, including steps to replicate (we recommend providing this information via a screen prerecording).

  • A documentation link to the API call you are attempting to make.

ℹ️ Story Details:

  • The action configuration(s): You can copy + paste actions into a code block; this will provide the configuration of the action(s) in a JSON format so that Tines Support can use it into our test environments.

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