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Introduction to dashboards
Introduction to dashboards
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Gain a singular view across all cases and records with Dashboards.

Dashboards allows you to monitor and report on workflow performance, bringing forward the data that you care most about for reporting. Your records and cases tell a story, highlight them with charts, lists, number blocks and notes. You can create or copy over existing record charts to build visual cross story reports, while cases can be listed out in customized views. Organization is key to a strong security posture, and bringing as much detail and context together only strengthens it.

And when you need to share that performance data with leaders and stakeholders, you can export either the entire dashboard or an individual element as an image.

Types of dashboard elements

There are three main components to building out a dashboard:



Record charts

Visualize records with applied filters in multiple chart types for an aggregate view

Case views

Filtered view of cases or case summary data (i.e. MTTR, MTTA)


Context to provide alongside the charts or lists with Markdown support

Learn more about building dashboards in our docs.

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