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How can I monitor actions in Tines?
How can I monitor actions in Tines?

Monitoring and alerting on failed actions in Tines

Updated over a week ago

Tines offers three kinds of monitoring for your story. All three kinds of monitoring happen on an action level, so they trigger for the action, not the story. The option can be found in the right-hand builder panel under the status tab:

  • “No event is emitted within X time”,

    • This function will notify if no events are emitted by the action in the last X minutes/hours/days. The function is usually used to confirm data is still coming into the story by enabling this on incoming webhooks or mail actions.

  • “Notify with all events”

    • This will send a notification for all events being emitted by the action. This is usually only used to notify you of actions that you don’t expect to emit events, like error-handling actions built into the story.

  • “Notify when action fails”

    • This will send a notification if an action fails. An action failure is anything that would mark the action with a red bubble. This can be due to errors in the functions used in an action.

Important note: “Notify when any action fails” option can be configured on the story level, but this function only works by enabling and forcing “Notify when action fails” on all actions in the story.

You can find the story-wide setting on the right-hand panel. It can accept either mail addresses or webhook URLs.

Regardless of the action or story setting, all notifications will be sent to all addresses or URLs listed in the story settings.

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