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User and tenant management

25 articles
How do I make a user an admin in Tines?Creating an admin user of Tines
How can I access audit logs in Tines?Accessing audit logs in Tines
How can I monitor actions in Tines?Monitoring and alerting on failed actions in Tines
Why have I not received my sign-in email from Tines?Ensure that you receive Tines emails
Can I customize by Tines domain?Custom Tines domains
When a user is deleted in Tines, what happens to their stories, credentials, and resources?Credential and resource management in Tines
What access does a user with a viewer role in Tines have to credentials?Viewer role access to credentials in Tines
What access does a user with a view role have to events?Viewer role access to events in TInes
How do I change the tenant owner in Tines?Tenant ownership in Tines
Does Tines Pages support vanity URLs?
How do I back up my Tines stories?Backing up stories in Tines
Can a record be updated once created?Records in Tines
How do I use time saved reporting?Configuring time saved reporting in Tines
Who can set up SSO on Tines?SSO configuration in Tines
What is the session timeout for SSO in Tines?SSO in Tines
How do I configure a Tines page with SSO (Okta)?Okta and Tines page access
How can I get notified of new Tines features?Keeping up to date with new Tines features
How can I revert to a previous version of a story?Story versioning in Tines
Can I upload my images to Tines?Using images in Tines
Do Tines API Keys expire automatically?Expiration of Tines API Keys
How can I switch between tenants in Tines?
How do I request the deletion of my Tines tenant and data?Managing your Tines data.
How can I find my archived stories in Tines?Archived stories in Tines
How can I remove team members from a team?Managing team members in Tines
Is the MX record necessary for the custom sender email address feature?Confirm if the MX record value is required to set up a custom sender email address in Tines.