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Tips for the AI Action
Tips for the AI Action

A few ways to get the best results from the AI Action.

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Getting the best results

Treat the AI Action like any other LLM you interact with. Write and test the prompts, while using the clearest English. You can learn about the specific models from their respective websites, but below are some general approaches we recommend.

Add multiple inputs

In the input field, include multiple data sources to help the AI gather context. The AI can respond to questions, but is only privy to the data you provide it via this input field. It defaults to the preceding action but you can reference other action, records, cases, etc. much like other actions in Tines.

Be clear and specific

Much like any LLM, it’s important to be specific. Don’t ask it multiple questions at once. Open-ended questions allow for more context whereas binary questions might force the model to make a decision.

Test run the action

Avoid assumptions, but running the action and checking the event data to see if the response is the expected output before configuring the subsequent actions. You may need to modify and adjust the prompt a few times to get to the ideal state.

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