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Building Stories

Using Actions to build automation

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Can I use send to story across teams?Sharing stories across teams in Tines
If I use a Trigger with multiple rules, do all rules have to be matched or just one?How do Triggers with multiple rules work?
How can I add CORS to a Webhook action?Adding CORS to a Webhook
What is the max HTTP request size?HTTP request size
How can I reference a credential I create in a previous action?Using created credentials in Tines
Can I have more than one output from a group of actions in a story?Configuring groups
What is the size limit on email attachments for the email action in Tines?Details about the Email action size limits
Is there a limit on the number of credentials on a tenant?Credential limits in Tines
How do I send the body of a webhook request as a response?
How can I reset an event transform action in deduplicate mode?Reset event transform and clear lookback cache
How can I convert timezones in Tines?An example of converting timezones
Is there a maximum value for the delay mode of event transform?Configuring delay mode in event transformation
Encoding UTF8 on action runCould not create event – PG::CharacterNotInRepertoire: ERROR: invalid byte sequence for encoding "UTF8" error
Text Mode v Formula Mode
Can a send to story have two entry points?Configuring Send to Story
How do I schedule my story?Schedule a story in Tines
How do I update the results of an event payload for a previous action in a story?
How can I see the whole URL used in an HTTP Request?Troubleshooting HTTP Requests in Tines
Will an HTTP Request emit an event if it returns an error or no response?Understanding HTTP Requests in Tines
What timezone does DATE("now") function return?Understanding DATE function in Tines
How do I convert time into UNIX or epoch time?Converting a date to Unix or epoch time format in Tines
How do I convert a string into an integer in Tines?Converting a string to an integer in Tines
Are rules checked in a particular order in a Trigger action?Understanding checking rules in trigger actions int Tines.
Is it possible to create a password-protected file within Tines?Creating files in TInes
Can I have multiple Slack credentials within Tines for the same Slack workspace?Understanding Slack credentials in Tines
How can I reference a credential in a story?Referencing credentials in stories in Tines
If a resource or credential is renamed, does it update the change to all stories?Renaming credentials and resources in Tines
How can I calculate the difference between two dates in Tines?Using Tines to calculate the difference between two dates
How can I remove unwanted elements from an array?Removing unwanted elements from an array in Tines
How can I directly access a page in a story?Understanding accessing pages in Tines
Can I have more than one credential in a story?Using multiple credentials in Tines
How can I schedule an action in Tines?Scheduling a story in Tines
How do I test an action in Tines?Testing your actions in Tines
How do I create a credential in Tines?Credential creation in Tines
Is there a way to get the event ID as it is emitted?Getting event data from an emitted event.
How can I see the events in the live environment while in the test environment?Combining events for test and live environments in TInes
How do I configure fields on a page?Configuring fields in pages
How do I find which object in the array has the largest ID?Exploring arrays in Tines
Can I use multiple webhooks in one published story?Using multiple webhooks in a story
How do I use story versioning in Tines?Back up, inspect, clone, export, and restore any workflow
Is there a limit to the number of characters in a record?Records and cases in Tines
Is there any performance difference between nesting function calls vs. using the pipeline?
How do I create a loop in Tines?
Can I copy a webhook action?Copying webhook actions in Tines
How do I leverage local values in Tines?
Why is my data turning into a string and not maintaining its original format?