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Hints and Tips from the Tines Support Team
Hints and Tips from the Tines Support Team

Here are some shortcuts for Tines from your support team

Updated over a week ago

We recently asked our support team to share their tips and tricks for working in Tines, and here are their top ten hints!

  1. Use CMD/Ctrl K to search for stories, actions, resources, credentials, users, or notes. You can also search for Webhooks on your story using the Webhook secret, name, or path.

  2. You can copy curl commands and paste them into your storyboard by clicking into the blank space.

  3. Use CMD/Ctrl C to copy an action and CMD/Ctrl V to paste the action on your storyboard or chat window. You can also use CMD/CTRL to highlight multiple actions for copy/paste.

  4. Use CMD/Ctrl + e to open the event viewer.

  5. Use CMD/Ctrl + / to quickly close and reopen all the panels (left, right, and event viewer).

  6. Use Shift + click the Event pill to fully expand Event data (helpful when you have many Actions preceding so you don't need to expand all preceding Events in addition).

  7. Click into a blank space on your Storyboard and type ‘n’. This will add a note.

  8. The names of your actions are important. Use meaningful names so the events they create are easy to find and use further downstream in your story.

  9. Remember to configure event retention in your story.

  10. To access data in an event in an event, open the event and double-click the key to copy the path that leads to that value. You can then paste this into a pill in the action you need that value in

  11. And finally...use templates! If you have an action you’re unsure how to create, go to the left of your Storyboard and click Templates. This will bring up all of our Action Templates. You can search for the tool or the API call you’re using, and we might have a template that you can then drag onto your Storyboard. Just add your credentials and information, then use it instead of building it yourself. (This can also be helpful if you’re having trouble formatting a call.)

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